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About Green Grotto


What Green Grotto teaches us.

Some say Green Grotto is an old store, some say it's new.
Some say Green Grotto is a vintage place for a gathering, some say its a modern place for gathering.
Maybe you don't drink tea, but you can still come and sit for a while. There isn't really any great philosophy behind it all, it's just a simple teashop.  Come have a seat, and Green Grotto will teach you to simply relax.

My Pace. My Beats.

Is tea simple? After years of experimenting, we have learned it's not simple at all. A slight change in the temperature, time or quantity can change the taste of the tea immensely.
Is opening a store simple? After years of experience, we have learned it's not simple at all. A slight change in the the location, time and people can change the atmosphere of the store immensely.
All these years we have handcrafted every Green Grotto tea house, and given every single store its own unique feature and look. Sometimes the simple appearances are not simple at all.
This was supposed to be a gift for Green Grotto's 20th Birthday, but it seems our pace has been a little slow.  Green Grotto is already 20 something years old already! Simple or not simple, Green Grotto will go on at it's own pace, step by step.
We are so happy and thankful Green Grotto is so here. We are so thankful you are still here with us.
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